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Escort girl in Montreal, Chulee. Photos not yet verified. Send email. Personal details. X bre , Sources : The originals of Docs. The original of Doc. Letter of Father Alain de Launay, at Paris, to. The peace of Our Lord. I share in your grief because of the sad condition in which you are placed by the continuation of the war, the flames of which seem to burn more and more fiercely.

You in particular are threatened with its rigors, and we Are greatly alarmed For the fate of the whole Colony. Everything resounds with the efforts about to be made by the English to overwhelm all our possessions in North America. I think that You are adopting the wisest course in having nothing sent out from France this year. It is True, You Will pay very dear for the necessaries of life, but at least you Will have them; while what I might purchase here for You Would probably be captured, and, loss for loss, it would be better that You should lose with profit than meet absolute loss.

Our missionaries have not been more fortunate than You. Enclosed You Will find the Accounts for this year, and for a portion of the previous one, which I add because You Write me that the English took my Duplicates for last year. You see to what Your funds are reduced when The livres of the Bill of exchange are paid. I beg You to govern Yourselves on this point, as far as You can. Nothing can be added to the respect and devotedness with which I have the honor to be in the union of Your holy prayers,. My Reverend Mother,.

Your very humble and. De Launay, Jesuit. Paris, February 12, You doubtless are Aware that we have received Nothing by The french frigates; and that, as Quebec has been surrendered To The english, we can look for nothing more, except Through england. Reverend Father St. I strive to Console myself by rendering spiritual services to the german and Scotch Catholics who are in the Garrisons here.

John River. I hope to join Him there, if we have Peace; if we have not, we are to be pitied. Your Very humble.

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WELL, Jesuit. At Quebec, This 17th of. October, Reverend Mother Depositary of the. Ursulines of Quebec. For the mother. I see by your two Letters in what a sad condition you are placed by the misfortunes of war. We can but pity your lot, although in our religion we have many motives well fitted to afford us consolation amid all these calamities.

I wish that I could procure for you the assistance that you need; but I know not whether the route via England is as yet very safe. I will try it for our missionaries, and, if successful, I will also make an attempt on your account. I am assured that the victors are making a very humane use of their victory, and that they have expressed esteem and veneration for your virtues, and gratitude for the services which you render them. God be ever praised therefor. Your funds are increasing here while you do not draw on me.

I give you no particulars, since you know what your ordinary revenue is —which I have collected, and for which I will account to you when peace is proclaimed. There is talk of peace; pray the Lord that it may soon be concluded. We all need it, but our sins prevent it, and we are not yet sufficiently punished.

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I commend myself to the prayers of your Community. I present my very humble respects to I [Page 29] mother de la Nativite. I send you nothing this year; but draw on me, and I will honor your draft. I have the honor of remaining, with much respect, in our lord,. De Launay, s,J.

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Paris, April 19, Mother st. Louis de Gonzague, Depositary. Louis de Gonzague, Depositary of the ursulines, At Quebec.

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On the 26th of last august, , I received your first letters, by which you did me the honor of appointing me your vicar-general in This part of your diocese. At the same time, I received your mandates regarding the jubilee and the preface of the holy trinity, etc.

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On the 29th of january, , I received your second letters, confirming the first. I would almost wish that my self-esteem might prevent me from telling you, Monseigneur, that I am as unworthy as any one can be of the honor which you confer on me; and more than ever incapable of such an office, of which I know but the name. I have never been acquainted with any jurisprudence, either notarial, pontifical, or any other.

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I have been too long left to myself, and I barely know the duties of a simple priest. It is no longer possible for me to learn anything else. My letters of last spring must have omitted to inform you of my age, and of my weakness of body and mind.